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World Learner Blend

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Dandy Lion Coffee is proud to partner with World Learner School, a public, tuition free Montessori school for grades 1-8 in Chaska, MN. Established in 1995, it is dedicated to empowering students to be well-rounded and socially responsible and focuses on the development of the whole child.

With this coffee subscription, you're not just getting delicious coffee; you're also investing in the future of our students. With 50% of all profits going directly back to the educational needs of WLS students, further enriching their learning experience.

Indulge in our mellow and sweet blend, carefully roasted to perfection with notes of cocoa and almond. It's the ideal start to your day, giving you the energy and warmth you need to tackle the day's challenges and send your kiddos off with a smile!

Thank you for choosing Dandy Lion Coffee and for being a part of our mission to empower young minds and create a brighter tomorrow, one cup at a time.

Roast Level: Medium
Origin: Mexico and Brazil
Region: Chiapas
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 4000–5750 feet above sea level