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Mexico - Light

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**We roast on MONDAY and TUESDAY every week, so your coffee will be delivered by WEDNESDAY for local deliveries or as early as FRIDAY for shipped orders depending on where you live**

The Cup

Mellow and sweet with cocoa and almond flavors

This cup will transport you to evenings around the fire in the northwoods of Minnesota. The sweet chocolate and smooth nutty flavors are something akin to golden brown s’mores, and may cause you to dream of distant loon calls and waves crashing on the shore.

The Roast

Our Light Roast Mexican is a great choice if you want to retain more of the origin flavors of the bean than a darker roasted coffee. What is very special about Mexican coffee is its low acidity, so unlike other light roasted origins, Mexican coffee has a much lower pronounced acidity. So if you typically don't like light roasts, this could be a great option! Also, light roasts retain the most caffeine so it has an abundant kick to it for your morning brew!

The Cause

The flavor isn’t the only thing that makes this offering so special! This bag is not only organic and fair trade, it also supports women coffee growers in Mexico with equal opportunities to work, buy land, and own farms. The CESMACH co-op facilitates a program for its 224 women producers; premiums are paid for these coffees in order to financially support the often undervalued work of women, many of whom are single parents running their farms and families. Such a worth while cause to support with each morning brew!

Origin: Mexico
Region: Sierra Madre, Chiapas
Farm: 224 women smallholder members of CESMACH 
Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 4000–5750 feet above sea level