Dandy Lion Coffee


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The Cup

Not only is this coffee the highest altitude bean we have ever offered, but the processing of the coffee at the farm is completely different. Unlike a washed coffee where the cherry is removed BEFORE the drying process, this coffee's cherry is removed AFTER it is sun-dried along with the coffee bean on raised African beds for 25-30 days. This natural process along with the high altitude (1.3 miles above sea level!) creates a fascinating and truly unique cup that will be sure to have you going back for more!

Flavor note: Red ripe fruit, cinnamon, apple pie, hint of tropical fruit and cocao nibs

Aftertaste note: Rummy in the aftertaste, super sweet 

Body note: Smooth, medium

The Cause

For this limited edition coffee offering we wanted to do something truly special. We decided to direct trade with a high altitude family farm in Rwanda. This coffee is CRAZY delicious and that is so telling how a thriving community will grow the best possible coffee! This direct trade coffee gives smallholder coffee farmers and processors in western Rwanda a voice which will help increase their quality of life and ensure transparency and connectivity from cherry to cup.

We only have a small amount of this coffee available, so grab a limited edition numbered bag before it's gone!

Origin: Rwadna
Region: Nyamasheke District
Farm: Gasharu Coffee Farm
Altitude: 5500-6900 feet above sea level