Welcome to Dandy Lion Coffee Fundraisers, where every cup brews a story of impact and purpose. Through heartfelt collaborations with organizations like Outlandish Outreach, Growing Hope Globally, CC United and more, we proudly introduce our unique approach to coffee with a cause.

At Dandy Lion, we don't just roast delicious beans; we aim to craft personalized packages that reflect the essence of each non-profit partner. By placing their brand front and center, we amplify their incredible work, one cup at a time. Our commitment goes beyond the roast – each product is offered as a subscription, ensuring a steady flow of support for these impactful initiatives, giving half of all profits directly back to your chosen fundraiser. With the flexibility to pause, cancel, or skip anytime, our subscribers become part of a community united by the love of great coffee and the desire to make a difference.

Join us in our mission to support the best non-profits in the SW metro and beyond. Together, let's harness the power of coffee to change the world for the better.

Want to start a fundraiser? We'd love to hear more! Please reach out to: Charlie@DandyLion.Coffee for more info.