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Cold Brew 64oz (concentrate)

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**Local Delivery Only**

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Delicious small batch brewed cold brew...what could be better?! Our delicious cold brew concentrate packs a punch in your morning routine. Not only does it make getting to your morning cup faster, but the extra boost of caffeine will send you rolling into your day with a bang! Also, because we brew it in small batches and over a longer period of time, it's ULTRA smooth and can be noticeably less acidic.

Our 64oz growlers pack in 16 cups of coffee! Simply dilute the concentrate in water, ice, or milk (we love it with oat milk!) and you got yourself a delicious cup of cold brew for less than $1.80/cup!

We partnered with Chanhassen Brewery to make this all happen! Feel free to swap your growler for a beer when you're at the brewery next time!

**8 cups concentrate (full growler) makes 16 cups cold brew ready to drink. Best used within 3 weeks of opening...but good luck getting past a week ;) 

**For local deliveries (Fridays), if you're not home we recommended leaving a cooler outside your door so your cold brew stays fresh for when you get home. If you add your phone number to your order, we will let you know within the hour when we will drop by!**

**If you're not in our delivery radius, select "pickup" at checkout!**