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Kayon Mountain

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The Cup

Fruit-forward flavors with notes of ripe rasberry, black tea and cocoa

This fruity cup comes all the way from the Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm in Ethiopia. Its red berry and tea-like flavors will shatter your paradigm of what you thought coffee could taste like!

The Roast

We had to take an entirely different approach for this coffee than we have with our other Central American beans. Because of its very high altitude, the beans are smaller and more dense. So our approach was a more gradual roast with less heat in the beginning and a longer roast time to enhance the sweetness and berry-like flavors. We ended up with a light/medium roast that any coffee drinker will be sure to enjoy.

The Origin

Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm was established in 2012 with the aim of producing superior quality coffee and exporting in socially and environmentally responsible manner. The Plantation is located in souther part of Ethiopia in the Oromia region, Odo Shakiso distict of Guji Zone at a specific place called Taro kebele, 516Km south of the capital Addis Ababa. The major share holder of the farm, Mr. Esmael born and brought up in Kercha district of Guji Zone mainly know for coffee.

Origin Ethiopia
Region Shakiso, Oromia
Farm Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm
Variety Heirloom Ethiopian
Altitude 1900–2200 masl
Proc. Method Natural